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If the thought of seeing your dentist for semi-annual cleanings makes you want to run and hide, you’re not alone. Many men and women who need dental care feel exactly the same way. Luckily, using sedation during routine dental cleanings and treatments can help you to relax during what might otherwise be an uncomfortable appointment.

There are various methods of sedation used during dentistry to ease your comfort. No matter what your fears are, you can rest assured that at Hillock Family Dentistry, we do all we can to make maintaining teeth and oral health comfortable and pleasant for you. We are professional and extremely experienced in sedation dentistry in Modesto.

Nitrous Oxide

Also known as laughing gas, nitrous oxide is one of the most common forms of sedation used during dental procedures. Nitrous oxide is also referred to as inhaled analgesia and does not put you to sleep during your dental cleaning, but rather relaxed and calm. It may be used together with a local anesthetic during procedures such as a routine cavity filling or a root canal.

Sedation Dentistry Modesto

Oral Sedation

Oral sedation, also called enteral sedation, is administered by taking a sedative in pill form prior to your dental procedure. It may also be combined with nitrous oxide or a local anesthetic to help you be fully comfortable during your treatment.


IV Sedation

Intravenous sedation is administered by a sedative applied through your veins. This method allows for a deeper sedation, though you will still remain awake and responsive during a dental procedure.

Are you a candidate for sedation?

The overall health of the patient, both physical and mental, are determining factors when considering sedation dentistry. There may be certain physical or mental conditions which preclude one from being able to use sedation dentistry.

Our friendly, kind dentists, along with the staff, can discuss your options more thoroughly after reviewing your health history. Our Modesto dentist may ask that you receive a written clearance from your primary care physician before undergoing sedation dentistry.

Sedation Dentistry Modesto

Benefits of Sedation Dentistry

No fear or anxiety. With the assistance of sedation, your dental procedures can be faced without crippling fear or anxiety. Many people report that the fear begins to build as soon as they make a dental appointment. You can relax knowing that as soon as you are in the dentist’s chair, your fears will be swept away.

No pain. One of the greatest fears about visiting the dentist’s chair is that you will experience pain. It’s never pleasant to feel tooth or gum pain, especially when you already feel anxious about an appointment. With the use of sedation, you won’t feel any pain.

The appointment is easier for both you AND your dentist. Many patients who are nervous about dental appointment have a tendency to fidget during routine procedures, adding unnecessary time to your procedure. Sedation allows your dentist to perform his job with ease.

You will still remain responsive. Even though you may be under sedation, you will still remain awake for the entire procedure. This means you will be able to respond to your dentist if necessary.

Time flies when you aren’t stressed. If you are planning to have a procedure that takes an extended period of time, that can be difficult to endure with crippling fear or anxiety. Sedation dentistry allows you to relax, allowing time to slip by without notice. You’ll be out of the dentist’s chair in no time.

We understand that the thought of visiting the dentist’s office can strike fear into the hearts of some people. We want your visit to Hillock Family Dentistry to be a positive experience – not something to fear! Because your comfort matters to us, we ensure we provide the best and safest sedation dentistry Modesto has to offer.

Sedation Dentistry Modesto


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