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At our Modesto dental office, our oral surgeons perform a range of procedures, including tooth extractions for unhealthy teeth, wisdom teeth extractions, and many other oral surgeries. Some extractions require specialized techniques, such as impacted wisdom teeth.

Other teeth can also become impacted (unable to erupt through the gums). If you need an oral surgeon, you can trust our team of professionals at Hillock Family Dentistry. We care about our patients and do everything possible to make the experience pain-free and comfortable, start to finish.

Wisdom Tooth Development

The wisdom teeth are the last to erupt through the jaw. While these teeth may have served a purpose to humans in the long past, when tooth loss was a standard part of life, in the current days, these teeth often do not have enough space to come through the gums.

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Wisdom Tooth Problems

Many people in their mid-twenties will have wisdom tooth problems. The jaw may not have enough room for the teeth to come in (erupt).

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Wisdom Tooth Removal

Removal of wisdom teeth could be done while you are sedated and being carefully monitored.

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Crown Lengthening

Functional crown lengthening is performed to remove excess gum and bone tissue in order to place a crown. This allows the gum line to look natural and enhance your natural smile.

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Impacted Canine

Some of our patients have a problem with the “canine” teeth – the pointed teeth to the side of your front top and bottom four teeth.

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Tooth Extraction

Sometimes a tooth cannot be restored, whether due to extensive decay, the tooth is broken, the root cracked, or trauma has damaged the tooth beyond repair. In these cases, an extraction is necessary.

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After Extractions Care

After a tooth has been extracted, whether a wisdom tooth or other tooth, you will be provided with full aftercare instructions.

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Post Surgery Instructions

After you undergo oral surgery, it is important that you follow the post-surgery directions carefully.

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