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Pediatric Dentistry

The term “pediatric dentistry” refers to dental care provided during the years from infancy to adolescence. As a parent, you know that these years set the stage for a healthy, productive adulthood. During this time, patterns are set that will continue through the rest of your child’s life, whether it’s a matter of education, enjoyment of sports, the ability to form healthy friendships or many other aspects of their future. This is also the most important time to pay attention to dental health.

Not only can you detect and handle emerging problems before they become serious, you can help your child develop healthy habits that will lead to a lifetime of dental and oral health. At Hillock Family Dental, we understand how valuable it can be for your child’s first encounter with the dentist to be warm, friendly and stress-free – and fun. As a top pediatric dentist in Modesto, CA, we want to do all that we can to make you and your child as comfortable as possible.

Developing an Understanding of Oral Health

The fact that you are bringing your child to the dentist is powerful lesson in itself, making the point that the health of their teeth is a subject that deserves attention. That doesn’t mean your visit can’t be fun.

We can help your child understand the basics of oral hygiene and talk to them about dietary choices they can make to prevent cavities and the need for fillings. The goal is to set them at ease on these subjects, not to frighten them!


Pediatric Dental Services at Hillock Family Dental

Hillock Family Dental provides a range of services that can address, or in some cases prevent, dental issues that may arise as your child grows.

These include:

Infant oral health: In addition to helping your young children learn to care for their teeth, we can help you understand the best practices for infant oral health.

Oral health examination: Regular examinations will detect potential problems and give an accurate picture of how well your child is cleaning their teeth.

Orthodontics: Will your child need braces? An orthodontic evaluation can help you look ahead.

General dentistry services: These include cleaning, x-rays and tooth-colored fillings, all delivered with attention to ensuring your child is comfortable and understands what is being done.

Sports mouth guards: We can provide custom-fitted mouth guards that protect teeth from injury.

Care for dental injuries: If your child has an accident that damages a tooth, we can help.

Teeth whitening: This service can be provided to teenage patients.


In some cases, large cavities can develop in baby teeth. If these are causing pain to your child, they may require treatment. Many children need help keeping the baby teeth strong until the permanent teeth arrive, and you can trust us to perform this important procedure gently, and with care. It is important to preserve the baby tooth, as its presence in the mouth helps create space for the permanent tooth.

A pulpotomy can remove deep decay and make it possible to clean the pulp of the tooth. A crown is placed over the tooth as the final step. The success rate for this procedure ranges between 60 and 90 percent, making it a reliable way to save a badly decayed baby tooth and retain its role in proper development of your child’s permanent teeth.

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Whatever the age of your child, Dr. Hillock and his staff at Hillock Family Dental can help them maintain a bright, healthy smile throughout the years ahead.

If you are looking for a competent and friendly pediatric dentist in Modesto, CA, contact us to schedule a consultation. We will take the time to meet with you and answer any questions you may have and do all we can to make coming to the dentist a stress-free experience – for both you and your child!

Mouth Guards

Pediatric Dentist Modesto

Accidents can happen during any physical activity. A mouth protector can help protect the soft tissues of your tongue, lips and cheek lining.

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Pediatric Dentist Modesto

The main goal of this procedure is to preserve the baby tooth, since baby teeth help to maintain adequate room for the permanent teeth.

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Pediatric Dentist Modesto


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