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The wisdom teeth are the last to erupt through the jaw. While these teeth may have served a purpose to humans in the long past, when tooth loss was a standard part of life, in the current days, these teeth often do not have enough space to come through the gums.

These teeth develop during childhood, hidden deep within the gum structure, waiting for nature’s signal to tell them to move. The wisdom teeth typically erupt sometime in the mid-twenties (or earlier for some patients) or become impacted – there is not enough room for the tooth to grow in, leading to pain and discomfort, often accompanied by a severe toothache and infection.

Removing the wisdom teeth early can be beneficial and far less stressful, as the roots are not as firmly fixed into the jaw structure. Need to have your wisdom teeth removed? Our oral surgeons are highly-skilled in this important procedure.

Wisdom Tooth Removal Modesto
Wisdom Tooth Removal Modesto


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