Loyalty Rewards Program

It's a proven fact - good oral health contributes to good overall health

Hillock Family Dental is proud to offer the Dental Concierge® Club, our patient Loyalty Rewards Program. By joining our Loyalty Rewards Programs, you can earn the best value for your healthcare dollar.

COMPLIMENTARY Premium Membership*
($524 Value)

  • Immediate Eligibility
  • Instant Rewards upon enrollment
  • Instant Rewards for answering fun healthcare quizzes
  • Seasonal special offerings
  • No-hassle Rewards redemption
  • No waiting Periods, Pre Existing Conditions, or Pre Authorizations

*No Insurance?

We offer an optional enhancement to the complimentary Premium Membership; Premium Plus. The Premium Plus Membership is specifically designed for our uninsured patients. For all new members, the program includes all Premium Membership Rewards Plus:

  • FREE dental exam
  • FREE necessary x-rays
  • FREE cleaning
  • FREE Emergency Visit
  • 20% discount on any additional care
  • No yearly maximums
  • No deductibles or claim forms

It's a $845 value all for an annual fee of just $240. A reduced family membership is also available.



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