Financing: Get the Dental Treatment You Need, When You Need It.

WE offer various financing programs to suit every budget. Connect with us for help – we can assist you to get the financing you need for any treatment we offer at Hillock Family Dentistry.

Call us at (209) 522-8800 for insurance questions – we can quickly advise you about what your dental insurance will cover.

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Savings: Discounts for Payment in Full

We offer our patients a 10 percent discount when they pay in full at the time of treatment for dental services costing $1,500 or more.

Half Now, Half Later

We can divide your bill into two or three payments, so you can pay for your treatment more easily.

90 Days for Zero Percent

If you pay in full within 90 days, we offer zero percent financing.


One of the best resources, CareCredit, offers zero percent interest and no down payment. Find out if you qualify.

Apply For CareCredit

Compassionate Healthcare Services

This affordable option is available for certain patients, with easy approval – most patients will qualify.

ARC 90

We can help you register for ARC 90. There is no cost to sign up, and you get 12 months to pay. The limit is based upon your income and other factors.

Prosper Healthcare

Prosper Healthcare Lending offers patients some excellent benefits, including:

  • No impact on your credit to sign up.
  • Longer payment terms for lower monthly cost to you.
  • No collateral needed.
  • No penalties for prepayment.
  • Fast, easy loan inquiries and an answer without delay.
  • Confidential.


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